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Ixora - Nora Grant

A number of Ixora varieties have been tried in Florida landscaping with great results. One of the most successful to date has been 'Nora Grant,' a pink flowering variety of Ixora coccinea with lush glossy green foliage and a will to survive. A dense, medium-sized, cold-tender shrub with huge clusters of flowers most of the year, this broadleaf evergreen is in the same family as coffee, gardenia, firebush and pentas. The coral-pink flowers are in flat topped, round clusters, the outer flowers opening first. Individual flowers are long and tubular ending in spreading lobes. The leathery, glossy green leaves often go yellow in late winter and early spring. This popular hybrid is grown as a landscape plant in frost-free zones, and under cover in colder climates. It prefers sun or partial shade and requires humus-rich, well drained, acidic soil.


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