Impecable Landscaping, Landscape Design, and Plant Installations in Coral Springs, FL

Safely tucked into the northwest corner of Broward County, Coral Springs is famous for being a fantastic family atmosphere and full of different businesses doing very well for themselves. It’s a fairly large city with many things to catch your attention, located not far from Fort Lauderdale. With beaches and other fun tourist spots, you’ll never be bored while you’re in the area!

We believe the people who live here are lucky and well aware of it, as they have a little bit of everything surrounding them – it’s a fantastic place to live! Our team loves our job, the people here, and the ability to service them whenever they need it. We will keep bringing the best services to them, just as we have been for many years!

What are some of Pristine Landscapes’s top services in Coral Springs?

Landscape Installation

There is a lot of planning, research, equipment, and skill to install a pretty landscape around your home. Not everyone has the time or physical ability to do it all, though; our team is ready and able to take the reins on this project! As a result, we ensure you have the elements you want on your lawn while not overcrowding them.

Landscape Design

Designing a landscape may be easy for some homeowners, but it may be difficult for others. It’s hard to see the result when you’re staring at the lawn you have now. Our specialized computer imaging designs allow you to have a clear idea of what it looks like put together so that you can make changes accordingly.

Privacy Shrubs

Everyone wants privacy from their neighbors, commercial sites, or simply to feel like they have a secluded space. Unfortunately, while fencing is great, it’s often overdone or creates a box-like effect on your lawn. So instead, we offer gorgeous privacy shrubs that create a boundary around your home while also sticking to a natural look to match your landscape.

Plant Installations

No matter where you live, lovely plants can add pops of color of contrast to your lawn that you may not have considered before. We can work with homeowners to pick out plants that fit their style and within a maintenance routine, they’re comfortable with. Then, we install them where you’d like and where they’ll have the best impact!

Pristine Landscapes happily provides top-quality landscaping work and landscape designs in Coral Springs and the surrounding areas! We are a unique landscaping company that uses only the newest, updated technologies for our landscape design process. In addition, our crew is highly trained in our installation part services and the equipment needed to accomplish these. So, if you are searching for a landscaping team that is professional, friendly, and qualified to bring you a beautiful landscape, we are the team for you!

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