Distinguished Landscaping, Landscape Design, and Plant Installations in Delray Beach, FL

This area is filled with sunshine, salty breezes, and good people – with sights to see and things to do. Located in the lovely Palm Beach County, this city is large but no less fun and ready to accept any visitors that come around! There’s a lot it can offer, like beautiful waterfront dining, an abundance of shopping opportunities, and many seaside recreational activities to thrill and excite you!

The city of Delray Beach seems to be ever-growing, with new people entranced by its beachy beauty all the time. Many temporarily make their way through here throughout the year, but the residents here are blessed to call this place home. We are incredibly thankful to have the chance to service this delightful area and wish to do so for many more years!

What are some of Pristine Landscapes’s top services in Delray Beach?

Landscape Installation

Landscaping is the backbone of your property’s curb appeal – without it being done well, you won’t have curb appeal at all. Landscape installation uses the space available on your lawn in the most efficient way possible, combined with your style and tastes. We install new parts of your lawn to bring together a beautiful masterpiece!

Landscape Design

Gorgeous landscaping doesn’t simply happen on a whim, and certainly not without a proper plan to start. Landscape design is one of the first steps in this process – giving you ample time to make changes before breaking ground. You can fully imagine what the final result will look like and have more control over placement and the overall look!

Privacy Shrubs

There are plenty of ways to secure the privacy around your home – from fencing to security cameras. However, there are other, more unique, ways to go about it than you may have thought about before, such as utilizing privacy shrubs! They’re natural, beautiful shrubs/hedges that block out unwanted eyes while adding a new element to your lawn!


You and your guests need a sturdy place to walk around your property day and night. We can install pretty, functional walkways that serve many purposes – connecting your driveway, front door, deck, and fire pit in ways it wasn’t before! As a result, the risks of tripping and falling drastically decrease, and you’ll feel much better when walking your property!

Your local lawn professionals at Pristine Landscapes are highly trained in every service we offer, providing landscape services that will amaze you with results that speak for themselves! We keep ourselves current on new landscaping techniques and strive always to be personable and helpful to those who need it. Also, you’ll find we are very professional and ready to hear your concerns and needs anytime! So, if you’re looking for a company that will listen to your needs and gives excellent results, we’re the ones for you!

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