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What is included in our landscape design services?

As a homeowner, you may be dreaming of the perfect landscape but don’t know where to start with designing or starting the process. A team of lawn professionals who know what they’re doing can help bring all the pieces you want together to form a landscape you’re happy with. The process consists of taking note of your lawn space, what area you live in, and your style. Then, you’ll work with them on choosing plants and flowers you want, where you want any landscape bedding to go, and if there are any last-minute changes you want to be made.

Why choose Pristine Landscapes services?

  • We’re proud to offer consistent communication
  • We offer quality free estimates to potential customers
  • One of our offerings includes computer imaging designs
  • You’ll see that our designs stand out from the rest
  • We believe customer service should be a top priority

What good does landscape design do for my property or home?

You have an exact idea of what you’ll get

There’s not much worse than not knowing what you will get when you have landscaping or landscape design done. However, with physical landscape design, you know precisely what you’re going to be getting ahead of time, so there are no surprises once work starts!

You can make changes as much as needed

If you love the first design you get and are ready to start breaking ground, that’s wonderful – that’s not always how it works, though! With clear designs, you can make as many changes as needed to accommodate your wants and needs while keeping to what will work for your lawn.

You can plan for potential future add-ons

You may not be ready for any “extras” around your landscape, such as outdoor living spaces, fire pits, or otherwise, but you could change your mind down the road! With proper designs, you can plan for the possibility of adding them when you’re ready to.

What are some things to know about landscape design?

You’re in the right place for landscape design

South Florida’s tropical climate offers a wide variety of plants that thrive in this area. Our landscape designers will put together the right combination of plants to survive in your landscape. Whether you want a lush landscape, or something more simple and low maintenance, we’ve got you covered!

Landscape design is not an immediate process

While it won’t always take long to tell your local landscapers your ideas and wants, it can still take some time to get the design right. From the time of the first site visit, it can take up to 2 weeks to complete the design for your whole landscape.

Do you want a landscape you can be proud of? Ready to start the road to a property upgrade? Pristine Landscapes is here and ready to bring pristine designs and superior service to your home!

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