Lush Landscape Designs, Landscape Installations, and Privacy Shrubs in Lighthouse Point, FL

Lighthouse Point, Florida, was named after the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse. Lighthouse Point is a beach community, so it has excellent views, and you can relax and listen to the waves. The weather is nice and warm, so you don’t have to worry about it being too cold to play in the water. With water comes water sports. There is so much to do, and you don’t have to cram it all into one day. Lighthouse Point is a prime location for real estate. That’s why it is a prime location for Pristine Landscapes!

What are unique services that Pristine Landscapes offers?

Landscape Design

Landscape designs are vital in landscaping. But, first, you have to design what you’re going to build. Creating designs can be easy if you already know what you want. If you don’t already know what you want, it can be tricky to figure it out, but we are here to help. Pristine Landscapes is here to help you every step of the way. We give you digital designs that you can see from all angles and scaled to actual size. What’s so great about digital designs? We can customize them much more straightforwardly than an installation we would have to take down, fix and put back up.

Landscape Installation

Installing designs to build up the landscape is the fun part. Our clients get to see their designs come to life in safe ways. Pristine Landscapes has a team of experts who know how to complete the job efficiently and safely. Installations bring the whole landscape together. It is vital to allow the professionals to install aspects into your landscape, so you don’t hurt yourself. Pristine values time and resources so the jobs will get done promptly.

Privacy Shrubs

Shrubs add different dimensions to a landscape as well as privacy. These shrubs make an efficient fence that is nearly impossible to see through. Fences are excellent and look natural, but privacy shrubs are natural. However, they still require water, sunshine, and pruning. You can even trim them in different shapes that add a bit of decoration to your plants. In addition, adding shrubs adds a new element to help eliminate pollution. The carbon dioxide absorbed by trees and shrubs is much more than that absorbed by flowers.

Plant Installation

Installing plants is where creativity and skill come into play. It takes skill to plant a garden correctly and creativity to arrange them in a way that looks fantastic. Being a professional landscaper is an art. With our skill set and our client’s vision of their landscape, we make an unstoppable team! Pristine Landscapes has our client’s best intentions at heart. We create the perfect landscape and use the designs as our blueprint.

Are you in need of an updated landscape? New elements or features are calling your name? We are an honest and professional company to make our clients’ landscaping dreams come true! Call Pristine today for your free estimate, and we can start planning today!

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