Excellent Landscaping, Landscape Design, and Plant Installations in Parkland, FL

The area of Parkland is a beautiful sight to see, with a peaceful wooded environment nestled in Broward County. Officially incorporated in 1963, it’s grown in population as people over time have been drawn to its unique beauty and convenience of being part of Broward County. There’s always something to do here with beaches and plenty of shops nearby!

It’s an incredible place to visit and live and a great place to work! We are proud to service this area and the lovely folks who live within its boundaries. We want everyone in Parkland to feel more than satisfied with our landscape work and won’t stop until they are. Our team loves what we do and wants to continue serving this area as long as possible!

What are some of the top services Pristine Landscapes offers in Parkland?

Landscape Installation

Our team has you covered if you want an updated landscape but aren’t sure how to start the process or if you want to do it yourself. Landscaping is a multi-step process that can bring your property to life, giving you a newfound love for your home. Our quality landscape installation is efficient, painless, and will increase its curb appeal tenfold!

Landscape Design

You can’t start making significant changes to your landscape without a good plan to start, or it could end in disaster! The better the plan, the smoother the installation process will go. However, using updated computer imaging for designs can give a detailed, clear idea of what it will look like and make it easier to change whatever needs to be done beforehand.

Privacy Shrubs

Everyone wants a certain level of privacy, and luckily there are many ways to accomplish this goal. While fencing is very common and can look terrific on any property, it often looks more rigid by itself – not to mention it’s overdone. Adding lush privacy shrubs or having them by themselves, you have that border around your lawn while keeping a cozy, natural feel!

Plant Installation

As a homeowner, we understand you want a lawn that looks fantastic and is fun to be outside in. Lush green grass and a manicured look are fine, but adding something extra can make your lawn pop! Plant installations add more beauty and other elements that you would’ve missed out on before, and there are plenty of options to choose from for your area.

Pristine Landscapes provides beautiful design, followed by expert installation in Parkland and its surrounding areas. We use current technologies to develop our designs and continue to adapt to the times as they change. Our personable, professional team is trained well in all of our services; we’re committed to bringing your landscape to life the way you want. If you want a team that will listen to your needs and delivers quality results, we are the company to trust!

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