A+ Landscape Design Shrubs, & Walkways in Pompano Beach, Fl

Pompano Beach is well known today for its family-friendly beaches with crystal clear water beaches, coral reefs, and fun diving excursions. But it’s also full of history dating back to its founding in 1896 by railway employees George Butler and Frank Sheen and their families. It was then that the town got its inauspicious name after Sheen wrote what he ate for dinner on the land survey.

Many ships wrecked off the coast of Pompano Beach, which is probably why in 1855, it was officially designated as unsafe for ship navigation. But it wasn’t until 1901 that the United States Lighthouse Board persuaded Congress to build what would become the Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse (sometimes simply called the Hillsboro Lighthouse).

Now a famous historical site, a postage stamp was released to commemorate the octagonal lighthouse in 2003. The Hillsboro Inlet Lighthouse was completed in 1906 and has since assisted countless shipwrecks and prevented at least two German attacks during World War II.

What Does Pristine Offer Pompano Beach?

Landscape Designs

It all starts with a plan! Have you ever begun work on a project only to find you maybe didn’t think it through fully?

Landscape design is about measuring twice so you can cut once. After consulting with you about your needs and surveying your landscape, we’ll use computer imaging to show how your complete landscape will look.

Privacy Shrubs

One of our most popular landscape features is privacy shrubs. Privacy shrubs come in a variety of species, shapes, colors, heights, and levels of thickness. Which species you pick (with Pristine’s help) will depend on your goals.

Shrubs don’t only help give you a friendly-looking border between yourself and your street and neighbors. They’re also great for reducing sound and improving the general appearance of your home with vertical interest.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls aren’t just for the side of highways. They can help keep your own landscape intact too. Perfect for preventing erosion and controlling water flow, retaining walls can also be a way to add tiered flower beds to an otherwise flat yard.

Unlike the dull concrete walls you’ve seen, your retaining wall can be a true work of art! Are you interested in changing the shape of your Pompano Beach property?

Landscape Installation

Once you’ve approved our design and love what we’ve created together, it’s time to get to work on making it a reality. Pristine’s years of landscaping experience will ensure that the journey from the page to the yard is seamless and stunning.


Walkways don’t just get you from one part of your yard to another. They can be a beautiful addition to your home, framing your landscaping and keeping people off your grass. Walk this way? Don’t mind if I do.

Plant Installation

We’ve highlighted shrubs already, but Pristine installs all the plant life you can grow in Pompano Beach. Not sure what’s suitable for your property? Before we install anything, we’ll help you think through the pros and cons of various plants (such as aesthetics, upkeep, and even toxicity). And you can even take advantage of a custom design!

Pristine Landscape Services offers A+ landscaping services that will take you all the way from page to planting in your Pompano Beach home. The benefit of having the same team of qualified professionals that design your yard to do your installation is hard to overstate.

At Pristine, you can bank on our promise to you: Pristine Designs. Superior Service.

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