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What is included in our privacy shrubs services?

Everybody wants to have some privacy around their home, and there are options for different forms of privacy to choose from! While fencing is the most common and has many types, there is another way. Our team can establish the perimeter of your property, then start marking off where they’ll be placing brand new, lush privacy shrubs. These shrubs will add more green to your lawn, making it less cold but more welcoming. They can be paired with small fences or stand-alone to give you some peace of mind!

Why choose Pristine Landscapes services?

  • Our team believes in the best quality customer service
  • We provide computer imaging designs
  • You will receive a free estimate if you’re interested in our work
  • We hold to constant, clear communication
  • We let our fantastic designs do the talking for us

What good do privacy shrubs do for my property or home?

Add some security to your home

Privacy shrubs are meant to do just that – add privacy to your home and landscape. They offer a better sense of security to anyone living in or visiting the home by doing their job. This sense of security invites you to not feel self-conscious around your property from wandering eyes!

Keep your landscape green and lively

Landscaping is a beautiful thing, and it doesn’t have to stay within the area of your property – it can be along the perimeter as well! Some of the prettiest, eye-catching greenery can be found there. Also, privacy shrubs can be whatever you want, making your lawn feel more whole.

There are different shrubs to choose from

Depending on your area, there are many different shrub types you can use for privacy. They can be whatever fits the style or theme you already have in your landscape. They can be shaped green shrubs or fluffy, flower-bearing ones!

What are some things to know about privacy shrubs?

Regular hedge-like shrubs may be better

While it’s your lawn, and you can choose whatever type you want, you also need to plan how thick they are and how much privacy you want! For example, some shrubs may have more space between the branches, whereas the thicker hedges offer little gap, making them better for privacy.

Privacy shrubs aren’t just for nosy neighbors

One of the most common uses for privacy shrubs is to block out neighbors’ views, but they help with other things, too. For example, they can block out noise and sights of railroad tracks, commercial sites, parking lots, and roadways. You deserve privacy from everything on your property!

Does your lawn look dull, dreary, or plain? Are you looking for a landscape crew that can change all that? Pristine Landscapes is here and ready to bring pristine designs and superior service to your home!

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