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Why should you invest in a retaining wall?

Retaining walls provide an elegant look to your landscape. We carefully build the fieldstone pieces 2 or 3 layers high to provide a natural looking garden wall. In addition to being a great looking border for your garden, fieldstone retaining walls help keep mulch, rock and soil in place.

Why choose Pristine Landscapes services?

  • We offer quality customer service
  • We offer quality free estimates to potential customers
  • We include digital imaging designs
  • Our communication is top-notch

What does a good retaining wall do for your home?

You have an exact idea of what you’ll get

When we start the planning process, our clients are involved with making decisions about how they want the wall to look. First, we are using our resources for our client to create a retaining wall that fits your landscape to a “T”. Next, our estimate will give you an idea of what to expect, and our digital design program will show you how your retaining or seating wall looks. Next comes all the hard work that you leave to Pristine!

You can make changes as much as needed

Each design we create here at Pristine Landscapes is customizable for your needs and wants. We can change the design when an aspect of the wall doesn’t look right, or you’ve changed your mind. Communication is vital for this to be possible. Pristine is proud of the excellent communication skill we possess. Our ability to work with you in achieving your vision shows in the finished retaining wall.

Your retaining wall doesn’t have to be cookie cutter

You can modify your retaining wall to meet your needs. You can choose what color and kind of material to use and if you want steps or a seating area built into it. There are endless design choices to add or change, and it all depends on what you are looking for. Pristine is here to make the planning process more manageable and build the wall safer, so you don’t have to.

Once the wall is built what happens next?

You get to decide how it functions in your landscape

Our consultant will work with you to craft the best locations for the fieldstone retaining wall in your landscape. Adding flower beds to different wall sections makes your retaining wall a unique raised flower bed. There are many ways to design your wall, so it functions the way you want it to. Now you decide how to proceed.

Enjoy your low maintenance wall

One great aspect of fieldstone retaining walls is that they require very little maintenance. Known as a “gravity wall”, there is no mortar used in building this retaining wall. The wall will stay in place unless the it gets hit by someone or something. Not to worry, it is very easy to put the stones back into place yourself. Occasionally sweeping or air blowing dirt or mulch off the top of the wall will keep it looking beautiful for years to come!

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