Lively Landscape Designs, Landscape Installations, and Privacy Shrubs in Southwest Ranches, Florida

Southwest Ranches, Florida, is a small town with barely 8,000 residents. A proud farming community that clings tightly to the small town status. Growing up in this rural town allows its residents to enjoy that slower pace of life we seek to achieve.

There are many trails to go hiking, biking, and horseback riding. In addition, you can enjoy BBQing, equestrian events, and outdoor games. Going out, seeing the sights, and hearing nature all around is a relaxing stress reliever.

What are the amazing services Pristine offers?

Landscape Designs

Designing a landscape is more than just picking what plants you want to be planted. You also decide what your outdoor living spaces will look like, where they will be, and what size. And you will also choose the plants to accent your spaces.

Pristine is with you every step of the way. We help ensure your landscape is scaled properly and your designs are always accurate. If you’re stumped on how you want your screen enclosure, for example, we have the experience to provide professional advice.

Privacy Shrubs

Privacy shrubs add a nice dimension to your landscape. Your backyard becomes your oasis when these are planted. In addition, they may be more affordable than a large fence that has to be built and installed.

Shrubs that are thick and hard to see through offer a wall that borders your landscape – both in terms of great looks and security. Pristine installs each one with care and efficiency so you can enjoy them sooner and longer.

Speaking of longer, when it comes time to trim, your Pristine team has you covered there, too. You get to decide the design you want for them, and Pristine will also add great aesthetics with shaping during maintenance and create true privacy. But, again, you don’t have to do any of it yourself!

Landscape Installations

Installing your designs is always best done by professionals. However, landscape architecture is dangerous to assemble and install without the help of professionals. Safe installation includes knowing where your utility lines are located and how and where to access those services for your new landscape and outdoor living areas.

As your landscape is being installed, your designs come to life. We make sure the process is smooth, and the result is mind-blowing.

Yard designs are meant to be both functional and stunning. So, ensure each installation is done correctly, and your landscape will be gorgeous to see and experience.


Walkways provide meandering pathways through your garden, making it unique and inviting. Finally, you have a clear path of where to walk as you enjoy your beautiful landscape. Pristine helps design the path, so it’s easy to install when the time comes.

Walkways help your landscape stay healthy and strong. Erosion of topsoil is detrimental to your plants. With walkways installed, your soil is covered, and you have a great-looking hardscape feature!

Your garden stays functional, and you stay satisfied! Pristine installs each walkway with expertise. With our quality, you can enjoy your walkways for years to come!

Pristine Landscapes is a unique company that has our client’s best interests at heart. We are committed to building a living masterpiece for you as we take our job seriously!

We still like to have fun with our designs, making each one unique to our client’s needs. Pristine is a professional and driven team that thrives on our communication to provide you with our best quality services!

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