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What is included in our walkway service?

You notice that your grass isn’t as soft or green as it once was. Are those brown spots? What happened? Without walkways, everyone uses the grass to walk on. Foot traffic pushes down the grass and tramples it into the dirt. Creating “bald spots,” and the grass starts dying. Walkways help prevent this by giving people and animals a place to walk.

Why choose Pristine Landscapes?

  • We always follow through for our clients
  • We cater to our clients
  • Communication is our top priority

Why are walkways important?

Walkways are pristine grass protectors

Grass is vulnerable, and walkways keep grass healthy because it provides a place for foot traffic. Walkways are simple designs you can customize to your liking in shape, color, and curvature. In addition, walkways create edges in your landscape that help gives your grass dimension.

We are here to help you

Every project and design involves a lot of decision-making. For example, walkways can be simple, straight slabs of concrete that take you from point A to B. On the other hand, sometimes clients want stepping stones or walkways with a design in the concrete. Whatever design our clients have, we are here to help create it.

Why is Pristine right for the job?

Pristine has many valuable skills that give us a profound reputation. We thrive on being professional and honest, have excellent communication and give our customers our full attention.

We are professional and honest

Pristine Landscapes gets the job done right the first time. We communicate with our clients to make sure we capture exactly what they want to be done, even before we start building and installing the designs. Our designs are our road maps, and they tell us what to do and how to build the projects.

Communication and customer service is how we stay in business.

Communication between our team and the client is how we get jobs done correctly. Our clients come to us with a project, we talk about it and listen to how the client needs it done, then we do it. Our client is left with a satisfactory walkway, and we are left with an excellent review for another client to pick up the phone and call us. Pristine has a goal- to build up the company to be the best it can be. We want to help our community in any way we can. So we are building one walkway at a time to preserve precious grass.

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Pristine Landscapes is here to help its community by having pristine landscapes that function well and help our planet thrive. So give us a call today, and we’ll give you a free estimate!
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