Beautiful and functional Landscape Designs, Landscape Installations, and Privacy Shrubs in Weston, Florida

Weston, FL, is known for being a peaceful suburb to raise a family – chockful of unique landscapes. The developers who designed Weston also helped design Walt Disney World! How cool is that?

With the obvious expertise in helping with the Most Magical Place on Earth, Weston offers plenty of fun outdoor activities to experience. Carnivals, festivals, golfing championships, and more are at your disposal! If you want to get out and explore a little more peacefully, there are trails and parks to enjoy the quiet of nature.

What are the amazing services Pristine offers?

Landscape Designs

Landscape design lays out all your ideas to make your landscape as wondrous as the one in your dreams. Pristine is skilled at helping design everything from your flower beds to your outdoor living areas, keeping each one the work of a professional landscape team.

Take outdoor screen rooms, for example – you can’t just pull out a hammer and some screening and start building! It would be best if you had the expertise and skill of Pristine to design and build the perfectly protected outdoor room to host the best summer get-togethers.

Privacy Shrubs

Privacy shrubs are natural barriers to put around the perimeter of your property. They act like a fence, helping to keep unwanted strangers and other strays off your property and out of your space. They are thick and full enough to make it hard for nosy passers by to see through the shrub, especially from the road or sidewalks.

If you plan to install privacy shrubs, it’s best to call Pristine Landscapes and let us handle the job for you! In addition to installing the plants for you, we trim them up to make them look… Well, pristine! Each shrub is installed professionally, and when we are done, the shrubs look like they’ve been there since before your house existed.

Landscape Installations

Pristine takes great care when installing flowers, and we ensure each flower bed has the correct flowers depending on the time of year and arranged in the right places. In addition, we take great care with our clients’ gardens, ensuring we follow each design exactly as you’ve worked together to envision.

It’s always best to have the professionals install heavy features like; outdoor living spaces, landscape architecture features, and enclosed screen rooms. Pristine has the skill and experience to handle all your installation needs without putting you at risk.


Walkways give you and your guests a safe place to walk that was built for the foot traffic on your property. The best walkways are the ones that are made out of strong materials such as stone or concrete. Keeping your walkway clean is easier when the material is sturdy and strong.

Walkways reduce erosion on your property because it’s putting weight on the dirt, not allowing it to be blown or washed away. In addition, Pristine installs each piece of your walkway with the utmost professionalism. As a result, your landscape will be complete, and foot traffic will be guided to stay off the areas where no feet belong (unless they are little bare feet running through the sprinkler).

We at Pristine Landscapes set ourselves apart from others because we are extremely communicative with our clients. We help design and install wondrous, functional, and gorgeous landscape features. Pristine is the landscaping friend you never knew you were missing! Call today and receive your free estimate and find out what Pristine can do for you!

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